navision and avante integration

Hi all, We are trying to integrate an erp system (Epicor Avante) with Navision 3.7. However, avante has a proprietary database that is almost impossible to get data out of. Does anyone have any clue how this could be done. Or better yet, does anyone have any experience with navision and avante? Ben Austin

I never worked with Avante, so I have no idea about that software but, just an idea, Best is if you can get the text files out of Avante, but if you can not then probably you can open the tables in that database and copy and paste in excel. Althought I will say, Its a very very painful process to copy and paste in excel say then as CSV or TAB delimited files and bring them into Navision. Sorry I do not know that product so just a thought hope this will help. Naveen Jain