navision & CONSIGNMENT

please advise me what granule is responsible for consignment sales management sorry but i couldnt find direct refering on any navision’s sites

We have consignment purchases/sales in one customers database. It is possible to code it in, but some definite rules as to how the process works must be defined well before deciding how to code this modification. Craig Bradney Project Manager - Technical Navision Solutions & Services Deloitte Growth Solutions Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu P:+61-2-9322-7796 F:+61-2-9322-7502

Does your answer mean that there are no “native” granule that can manage this kind of activity? And only additional modification will solve problem?

Hi Sergik, This is common problem. You ask about consignment as about something that standard. But I implemented about 5 different types of consignment functionality. Some of them need modifications some of them not. The maim questions is: Do you want to make any G/L transactions when you ship (receive) consignment good? As example some of companies want to Credit Inventory Account and Debit Consignment Inventory. Or some of clients want to have two AR accounts – Consignment AR (Expected) and common AR. Some of them do not want to have any G/L transactions when they ship (receive) consignment goods. And everybody names this CONSIGMENT. You should contact to your NSC and describe them your problem. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Spasibo Valentin Anyway i dont think that such activity cannot be generally described.And i found recently list of software supported and not supported consignment inventory.(May be it means not all kind nessesary functions:-(??) see Anyway answer i recieved.Thanks