Navision Add-On for Water, Electricity.. Companies

Has anyone of you come across to a Navision Add-on for water, gas or electricity companies? It would be of great help! Thanks!

I have been envolved in a project where we made an add-on for an oil company. Lena

Hi, I work for a company that specialises in utility industry solutions. Our web address is - If we can be of any help, please get in touch via our site. Regards John Small

Hi, We have developed add-on for water company. If you are still interesed in it, just send e-mail. Viktoras

jendev ( has done a lot project for electricity and water companies

We own an official solution for companies involved in the business of water and gas distribution. Should anybody need more information I’ll be glad to help him. Maurizio

We have an extensive add-on (cca. 600 Navision Objects ) that covers gas, water, electricity supply from construction of pipes, construction and supply contract management, meter readings, invoicing, etc.