Navision ADCS with Wavelink telnet emulator

I’m with some difficulties to configure Wavelink emulator with ADCS. Wavelink is running in a Symbol MC 3000 series. Connections make by HyperTerminal to ADCS are running just fine. Connections made by Wavelink simply insert some strange chars. (you can’t use backspace, etc.) . This wavelink telnet client has tested against a SAP connection and ran smoothly.

Does any one know what a setting has to be changed to run Wavelink? [:S]


I know that not many users use ADCS but I would like to share solution to this issue.

The problem to wavelink work incorrectly in Navision was related to a licensing problem. To check if license is the problem, Connect to ADCS in demo mode and check if everything works just fine.

Hi there,

I have the same probleme, can you share the solution Please,

I apreciate a lot,