Navision Access to Drawer of EPSON Windows Driver


Is there any way to access EPSON Windows driver from Navision?.

I set it in the ‘Printer Selection’ table. It is printing fine.

The driver has the option to set the drawer open for all time it prints.

But, i don’t want it open all time, is there any way to access this driver and customize the drawer open option?


Hi Abdul Rahman,

Did you try using automation server. I think its the only way you can, If possible !


Gaurav Singh

But, I dont know what is automation server, can you help me please.

How to add the EPSON in automation server?. automation server list does not contain it.

Visual foxpro is a tool which are used to integrate any program with other application. This creates a dll which can be accessed in NAV.

But Abdul I am not sure about the procedure. And kindly let me know if you get it done.

Okay, let me check here.

Anyone could help me with this?


The easiest way if you always want to print to drawer 4 is create a second instance of the printer on your machine. rename it Epson-4 or something. In the printing preferences/defaults set this printer up to print to drawer 4.

Now when you print you have an option of epson or epson-4 depending on where you want to print.

Hi, i think this will work, let me check, thank you.

Hi Savatage,

This idea works, clever [H]. And, are you sure we could not add any driver dll control to navision and access the driver directly from the Navision?. Because, this case we may needed to add two printer driver, if we could access the printer driver, we can avoid one extra printer driver installation.


Have you played with the PAPERSOURCE function?

hi, i have gone through it, but I cant find any setting given for printer drawer option.

I don’t uderstand the comment:

CurrReport.PAPERSOURCE(PaperBinNo [, PhysicalPage])


The tray number. This parameter is required.


The page number. This parameter is optional.

am sorry, me not good enough to grasp the code, let me try learning it.

appreciate your comments to ease my study.

thank you Savatage.

Hi Savatage,

I am still researching on this. I wonder how this could help to drawer access. This is for printer try selection right?