Navision 5 Data Cleaning. ¿Where?

Hi. I need to make a data cleaning. I know that there are a form and a codeunit for this function in Navision 4. The problem is that I´m working with Navision 5 and I can´t found them.

Any ideas?

Recards, Candumaru.

Could you define what you mean by data cleaning?

It could really mean a lot of things, and except a mediacore working duplet test function for contacts then I don’t really see where you find this in version 4.0. Except if you are really refering to the Data Compression jobs, but that’s IMHO not really data cleaning.

I´ve made a data copy from CRONUS to my “new company”. Now I want to delete items, sales lines, invoices…etc. BUT I don´t want to delete postal codes, measures and similars.

They told me that with Navision 4 there is a Form that do this.

You have data cleaning in setup checklist. This function doesn’t delete all tables.

Ahh, I think what you’re looking for is the RIM (rapid implementation methodology). With this you can also copy data from one company to another company in NAV. It’s also available in NAV 5.0, and in fact it has been improved a lot.

What you right now need is more a clean-up job. I know there is one amoung the files in the download section. But I’m not sure it works for version 5.0 - and if you’re using a local version (which?), then you might also have some tax tables it would not erase.

So I would say it’s a safer bet that you use the RIM functionality and copy the data you need to save into your new company.

Yes, this is a much safer way.

Take a look at this tool - it might be what you are looking for:


That’s exactly the kind of tool I warned you about. Unless this tool is written exactly to your modified/localized application, then you might think that you get all required transaction data cleared, but you cannot be use.

It’s better to use the RIM tool and copy the tables you actually need - of cause you must remember all.

It’s true that you must be very carefull if you plan to use the tool in a production enviroment. But i assumed that someone copying a Cronus is making som kind of demo?

You must be refering to Codeunit 8604 -Data Cleaning in version 4 . It deletes all entries in the listed tables(mostly ledgers) but does not delete the entries in master,setup or supplemental tables.It can also only be run with an NSC license.

As mentioned take caution when intending to use this in a production environment ,for instance the tool does not reset the Last No. Used on the No. Series table to allow a fresh start…

Great answer. I didn’t even know about this codeunit. Just a shame it’s not part of NAV 5.0 also!

That codeunit I was referring that was available in setup checklist in NAV 4.0 There is a tab called data cleaning. I tough it was in NAV 5.0 but I was wrong. That codeunit in 4.0 never worked 100% if you check there are missing some ledger tables. For example it’s missing warehouse entries and other tables. That’s I told it doesn’t delete all tables.