Navision 5.1 report won't print total page on seperate page

I’m trying to put a total page together and everything shows up but it won’t put it on a separate page like I want it too.

Kind of hit or miss depending on how much is on previous page.

Is there anyway to force Navision to put report on separate page??

I copied the main table to #2 to use for total page. I set NewPagePerRecord to Yes.

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Hey Love jazz,

Is there anyway to force Navision to put report on separate page?

Do you mean if you are running a report based on Order No, then you want a New Page every time Order No Changes? Is that what you want?


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No I just want a final total page of the whole report on it’s separate page.

Right now it’s hit or miss depending on what’s on previous page.

Hey Love Jazz,

You have to use Globals!TotalPages to calculate the total Page.

Secondly CurrReport.NewPagePerRecord doesnt works on Version 2013 and later but you want to use this based on some condition then you need to add a Page Number as Variable add to the dataset and then further add this one into your grouping to get a new page Number.


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That worked.

Curr.Report.NewPage worked.

Were still on Navision 5.1 so it still works for me.



Great, :slight_smile:

There’s many extra features given in NAV 2013 and later. Explore that you will enjoy much this one. :slight_smile:


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