Navision 5.01 USA Apply-to Oldest with Cust. detail Ledger Entry

In Navision 5.01 USA version. I have an issue with End of year reporting.
Customer set up as Apply-to Oldest.
Customer Sales Invoice is posted with date 12/25/08.
Then when Payment received and posted, no invoice is selected.
Customer Payment is posted with date 1/25/09.
Customer Aged Account receivable report is run to 12/31/2008.
System shows invoice as paid when you look at the Detail Ledger Entry.
Report (I’m a developer) uses the Detail Ledger Entry to do the FlowFilter.

If you go to the Chart of Accounts and do a flow filter …123108, the payment of course is recorded as 1/25/09.

G/L AR shows open since money was not applied until 1/25/09.
Please advise what to do to make both balance the correct Dollar amount when running.



Change the date from the table that will solve the issue,

make sure to check all tables related to the issue


Create an adjusting journal on the GL to correct this.

Strange that this is a standard feature in navision that will cause madness with anyone owning this produce.
But about 50 customers have apply to oldest with 500-700 invoices processed monthly.

The ability to make manual adjustments to undo and redo payments will be to much to use the correct posting date.
Even though microsoft came out about 1 yr ago with Nav 5.01 (USA) no one has ever seen that their AR Aging reports and GL reports were off on both the AR and AP side.

This appears to be a big issue for any company, cooperation and accoutants nightmare to balance out montly and End of Year.

Anyother suggestions? Thank you again for any feedback.

P.s. I can not change the field/table, the original report uses a flowfield that points to the detail ledger entry to see if Paid based on date filters. (Thanks any for the development tip).

Are you running the Aged Acc. Rec. (BackDating) report?

The USA 5.01 version only has this report if you do a filter in Object Designer Name: Aged *

Type ID Name Modified Version List Date Time BLOB Size Compiled
3 10040 Aged Accounts Receivable No NAVNA5.00.01 02/14/08 12:00:00 PM 75664 Yes

Never heard of this process with the USA version. Thanks for any other feedback.

The object you are looking for is Report 17116, but it may not exist in the US version. Not sure. Shame if it doesn’t cuz it’s a great Report.

Where can we get hold of these objects, 10040 and 17116? [:D]