Navision 5.0 SP1 Changes Language


We have a Navision 5.0 SP1 installation running in a Citrix environment. Certain users have reported that while working in Navision the language changes from UK to DK.

As the language settings are saved in the a user specific fin.zup file we have tried to clear this but they still report the sporadic language change in the GUI.

We’ve looked at the Regional Settings on all the servers and they match perfectly.

Is it possible that this annoying ‘feature’ could be triggered by the user themselves via some kind of keyboard shortcut?

Hi Andreas,

I’ve never heard of this behavior before…
(Not thereby said it’s never happened [:D])

There’s no shortcut available for changing into a specific language, other than opening the language-list and choose it.
When in danish (DAN) language, you can press ALT → K → O…
This will open the list of available languages, and the user then has to choose anither language and press OK.
But that shortcut is determined by which language you have activated.
When in english (ENU) the same shortcut is ALT → T → A…

When the users experience this behavior, is it actually the global language that changes (captions in the top menu also changes) or is it only in the current form they are working?
Have you tried to dig into if it’s the same procedure that causes this to happen?

A number of possibilities of the cause comes to my mind…
I’ve seen handling of different languages to different customers on their invoices, done by changing the global language of NAV at runtime as the report prints…
Maybe this is the case, and the developer forgot to change the language back to it’s original.
Maybe the users are in an area of some modification, and the developer developed this wrongly and forgot to implement the english captions.

Hej Andreas,

I had a similar problem with setting the language and Navision 5.0 SP1, but I really never got it solved - and now I no longer work for the company so I haven’t done anything about it since. But that you report the exact same problem, then I would say that it’s a clear sign that this version (maybe only the DK version) has this problem. Did you report it to Microsoft?

Hello Alexander,

It seems like it’s a global change and it happens when the user is doing a specific tasks. So yes you might have a point there, I’ll try to dig deeper into this. Thanks!

Thanks for your input Erik!