Navision 5.0 is slow on Chart of accounts

Hi all,

When drilling down navision gets slow or not responding. I have tried with file → database → Information → Tables → optimize. Even after this iptimization it takes long.

What should I do with this? Is it regular to have this slow process? [:S]

And how often should I do the iptimization?

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Are you running native C/SIDE or SQL Server?

SQL Server 2005

OK, in this case my first receommendation is: DO NOT USE THE NAV-TABLE OPTIMIZER!
This feature really sucks [:@], and all it does (Index rebuild, SIFT Maintenance) could be accomplished much smarter.

Search the forum for “NAV SQL Performance” and you’ll get tons of advices!
Maybe also check out this one:

With NAV 5.0 (without SP1) you have to look into SIFT Optimization; e.g. reducing the number of “Buckets” (leaving only the pre-last one), in firts place. Also, SIFT Mainetenance is crucial (see

Regarding Maintenance check out this one (German, sorry):
Basically MS recommends:

  • Index Rebuild: weekly
  • DB Integrity Check: daily
  • Statistics Update: daily
  • Backup: daily

… what MS ignores here is the required SIFT maintenance (weekly)

Good Luck!


Thanks, I will try it out.



Have You got any Flow Filters set before You do the drill down?

And what build are You using. To check the build no. You double klick on the version no. in the about-dialog (Help->About Microsoft Dynamics NAV).




You know chart of accounts, right?

When I drill down Net Change or Balance it takes long (sometimes) and in some reports.

I didn’t get a delay on reports yet but the client says there is a delay.

So, what I think is it can be on G/L Entry table.

But, I’m not yet know what to do :P.



After deleting empty SIFTs the drill down went good :slight_smile: it performs faster.

But when I scroll up or down with the scroll bar it goes to “Not Responding” state?

Is it because there are lot of entries or it can be optimized?

Any help appreciated,


First, Scrollbar is very “special” in Navision forms [:@]

I was told years ago better not to touch it at all - look at its behaviour, it’s not normal Windows scrollbar, from which you can tell approx amount of lines… It changes in lenght following uncertain pattern, then, if you move it down when it is small, it starts to scroll, then suddenly scrolling stops and it jumps back, nothing happens for some time, even no “hourglass” cursor - then “Not responding” appears. If you have enough patience, after some time suddenly list jumps, form becomes responsive again, but you can’t get any idea how far it jumped and exactly in what position in long list you are now.

Use PgUp - PgDown, and better, apply some filtering to eliminate row count. Scrolling through list of half-million lines is bad idea. Don’t put FlowFields in such list - otherwise if you’ll press Ctrl-End being on first row, Navision will retrieve all data over network, calculate all FlowFields, and THAT takes time, this job is performed on workstation by Navision client, no DB optimisations or monsterous server hardware can help here.

Until MS would not get rid of Native database and rewrite Navision to use SQL server huge possibilities at full blow, there will be problems, although even now things get better with each version or even SP - as it was with 5 and 5 SP1. But MS is still enforced to mimicrize FlowFields on SQL server, to maintain compatibility with Native database.

Thanks all,

Now I really need to understand index rebuilding.

It seems complicated if you are not that experienced in navision.