Navision 5.0 certification

Hi all

I have finished Certification exam in development 1, development 2 in navision 5.0. I am palnning to write the next certification in navision 5.0. Please suggest me which one i can write.



Navision 5.0 Installion and Configuration Or Navision 5.0 Financials I and II , all depends on your work.

Thanks Imran

I plan to write Trade&Inventory. Im afraid it has not been released in navision 5.0. Do u have any idea when it will be released?

I really don’t have an idea when it would be released. What i know is that if you are planning to be Masters in Nav 5.0, you can take Trade & Inventory for 4.0. The development , installion and configuration, and financials would be in 5.0

Thanks for ur valuable suggestion… [:)]