Navision 5.0 and hand coded ecommerce integration thorough web services


I need an help to understand what are the possibilities of Nav 5.0 and web services before buying licences for web services.
Well, I have an hand coded ecommerce and my company want to start using Nav 5.0. Our need would be to integrate existing ecommerce and Nav through web services. Example:

  • A new customer register a new account, it should go directly in Nav DB.

  • A new order is received from ecommerce, it should go directly in Nav DB.

  • When users are logged in, they may have customized pricing, I must get the pricng rules fron NAV DB

  • Before giving confirm for products availability on ecommerce, I must check stock in Nav DB.

Can I do all that with NAV 5.0 and web services without being a NAV expert?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Yes you can develop Web Services in NAV 5.0.
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