Navision 4SP3

We are in the process of upgrading our hardware and need guidance to what we should look at…our issue is performance

Currently have 3 terminal servers win serv 2003 4GB, 32bit , sql server win serv 2003 32bit, 4gb and Netapp for disks. the database is 150GB and 120GB log file

80 users all through TS…NAV 4 SP3 heavily customised as well

50 extra users in about 6-12mnths

I have been told by others that Blade servers and virtualisation is the way to go to improve performance.

please let me know if more info is required


About “Navision on SQL DB” hardware you can read here in forum --it’s discussed extensively already, do some search-- but more likely problems can arise on TS computers, not SQL, as you said you have 80+ users all on TS. How the load is distributed between your 3 TS servers? Keep in mind every TS session consumes memory, maybe 4GB is not enough - but TS hardware requirements you can get from corresponding MS site, how much RAM they consider per every TS session.