Navision 4 SP 3 - SQL 2005 Synchronization Issues


Is it possible to sync the Navision database logins using a login other than SA? Is it possible to assign a specific user’s login to sync all the Navision database users? If yes, can anyone please explain about the database and server roles that has to be assigned for this login.

The scenario here is that our Finance department does not want to synchronize the logins using SA login. They need a specific user be able to do the synchronization.

Can anyone please advice on the database / server roles that needs to be assigned for a login to perform synchronization?



I have not tried this, but there is a preconfigured role in SQL2K5 called SecurityAdmin. I am assuming that along with Datareader and DataWriter should give you what you need.

Try creating a new user with those permissions and see if it works.


I hope the secutiryadmin you have mentioned is a server level admin role. Can anything be done at a database level? We have tried enabling db_securityadmin which did not worked.

db_securityadmin was going to be my suggestion, but that doesn’t work. I think the next option is to give the user db_owner on the NAV database.