Navision 4.00 soon to hit the streets

Any chance of a screen shot of “bigtext” in operation

Peter, By Industry Templates you mean, templates with specific settings for a part of Industry. If that is true, they learned something from our friends of SAP…

To my understanding the Gant Chart is an external .net application (.exe) that is launched and that communicates with Navision using the new XML ports. Pretty neat soultion but I would have perfered if they used ActiveX or Windows Controls directly on the forms within Navision instead. /Bruno

Have they made any enhancements to the Jobbing granule? (or is this being replaced with simple manufacturing?)

Bruno, Glad to hear they don’t have an ActiveX solution. As a matter of fact we do! :slight_smile:

There is nothing to ‘see’ of BigText. There is no UI that supports the editing of a BigText; it is made primarily for use with the XMLPorts and has some basic functions including streaming but is not a ‘Memo’ type. More info, for those interested, on the new Navigation Pane, Outlook style menu UI: - Is a replacement for the current Main Menu, but the Main Menu can still be used if required. The layout is a tree control for the menu items/groups and menu buttons for each menu. These sections can be sized; the pane width can be sized and the entire pane can be hidden. When shown is displayed alongside open windows, even when maximized. - The menu content itself is stored in a new appliction object: MenuSuite. These are rather different from all other objects in that the IDs are contolled by C/SIDE and there is only a limited number of objects that can be created. - The MenuSuite objects represents ‘levels’ of the menu system: MBS, Partner, Region, Country, Add-on 1-10, Company and User. The levels are merged by C/SIDE to produce a final menu, which is then customisable by the user. They are also filtered by license and object permissions the current user has, removing items he does not have permission to run. - An ‘administrator’ can be given permissions to modify menus at the ‘Company’ object level for his users, and to assign different menus to different users. - Users can Show/Hide menu items/groups or entire menus, and can make their own Shortcuts menus. They can copy items from other menus or links from open forms. They can also store external URLs to documents/web sites/progams. - The menu designer is done in-place and is driven mainly by right-click menus/keyboard. Rather different from the classic designers.

As an aside, 4.0 does not support NT4 or Win98 anymore - nor AIX servers.

Now I will be crying (regarding the BigText answer form Robert! [V][V][V]

Sorry Erik - don’t give up hope, it may still come one day now the infrastructure is there.

Navision and Point of Sale–is there any integration to any POS application for Navision? MS RMS?

If Navision intergates with RMS, so what will happen to POS add-on parteners ? [V]

Yes! This takes care of many of the features which were lacking. Some of these being Quantitative Sales Budgeting, analysis by dimensions on inventory, graphical presentations, etc. Some of the issues which come to mind are - if analysis by dimensions can be done for inventory, they could as well be done for customers and vendors as well as banks and fixed assets. Can you tell us whether it is possible to download beta version of Navision 4.0 from any web site?

On PartnerSource there is a download link “”, which should be the beta, right? Clicking on the link returns an error page. 'sup?

Some of the Navision partners received the BEta 2 version opf 4.00 W1, we did too… Can’t say too much for now, but the intercompany posting function looks promising…

Did anyone try the to activate the business notification manager yet?

there are for sure some nice features… to bad I don’t have more time to investigate more…

I have download this version, But the french NSC don’t have the password. Can anyBody send me this password, Its only to test. I don’t anterstand why MS localise this beta test?

For the US beta version, I sent an e-mail to Todd Bergeson(, and he gave me access. For those outside of the US and Canada, the partner website asks to contact your country office for information about obtaining beta information.

The outside of USA and CANADA can not BETA Test. [:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(]

Sorry, but we in the netherlands can test. Only we are an NSC, maybe that is the differnce. Some NSC’s in the netherlands received this cd already…