Navision 4.00 and Hotcopy - Read Access to Tables

Hi there, after an upgrade from 3.70 to Navision 4.00 the old backup user for HOTCOPY does not work anymore. Errormessage is: You are not allowed to read table You are not allowed to read ???1.1 table With Role SUPER it works, but we would not like to give the backup user that role. There is no custom table with anything like ???1.1 in it’s name, of course [:)] Any clue which permissions are missing?

See my post in this topic: I list tables that require read permission by all users in order to login to a 4.0 database (which HOTCOPY is also doing). You can place these in the ALL Users role. You can limit the list a little depending on whether you’re using only windows logins are database logins.