Navision 4.0

Hi All , When r we going to see Navision 4.0 Regards

It is already available for download (beta2) if you are an American developer… Seems that MBS is heavily discriminating in favor of americans [:(]

nope, we have got the 4.0 Beta 2 for a couple of months now and we’re from the netherlands… By the way, there already is a posting about 4.00…

from where can i download it ?

from where can i download it ?

Hi Rajan, I can promise you one thing thats in Navision 4.00, its lot more Graphical, like the Gant Chart in Axapta and charts are enabled on our Forms. Improved analysis reporting. Regards venu…

in our country, you can’t download it. As partner, you can join a program of partners with add-ons who get these versions to start developing add-ons on new versions… By the way, don’t expect to much from the graphs, have you already seen how they are built up? These are not active x objects, they are just ugly forms… GUI looks nice…

When can end-users get 4.0 in the USA?

The expected Release Date is Sept. 1, 2004

Is there a definitive list of changes / new functionality for Navision 4 from MBS ? If so where can I get it ?

Navicons, log into partnersource UK and on the menu “Products and Solutions”, select Navision. In the list of documents that it displays, there is one called “Navision 4.0 GB product announcement”. Its quite a detailed document. Regards, edd

Thanks Edd. Just what I was looking for.