Navision 4.0

Has anyone already heard anything about changes in Navision 4.0? I read in a posting ( today that intercompany will (finally) be introduced in Navision. Can anyone confirm this? Can anyone name other new features?

. Front End : Office 2003 like, User dependent, User can create shortcuts, Search function . Graphics : for example customer sales over time, clicking the bar shows the customer ledger entries . The return of Dr Watson . Improved C/ODBC . Integration with Excel plugin for demand planning : analysing sales history time series analyses) combined with parameters such as economical indicators and proposing a forecast for MTS companies.

Navnav, excuse me for my non-knowledge, but what do you mean bij the return of Dr Watson? Office 2003 look and feel was something I heard too. Graphics: does this mean finally we get chart reports e.d., or is this inside a form?

I heard something about integration with Dr. Watson. Charts on a form, not on a report.

It is not ‘Dr. Watson’. This concept has been replaced by ‘Windows Error Reporting’ introduced in Windows XP (also supported in Windows 2000), whereby the basics are that application crashes can be sent to Microsoft and feedback about known crashes can be conveyed to the user. Navision integrates with the version of WER recently released with Office 2003. It will also be available with 3.70.

I have seen a demo of 4.0 Professional and it is sweet. >You can do searches in the fields >You can do calculations in the fields >You can set it up to look like Outlook > I have not seen the older version so I am limited in the “whats new” other than using the MS site about the product.