Navision 4.0 SP1 VS SP2

I’m currently running Navision 4.0 on Win SQL 2005 64bit.

In Help - About - the version is listed as Version NO 4.0 SP1 (4.0 SP2) and this means that the database is 4.0 sp1 and the program is sp2.

Due to problems with performance I would like to run on SP2 all the way, but I can’t find a way to achive this.

The database running has been changed and contains new tabels and other functions based on my customer business logic.

Can anybody give me a clue - I know I’m missing something…

Did you apply all objects of the SP2 to your database ?

The SP1 shown is just the return value of a function in CU1 (“ApplicationVersion” as far as I remember)

For performance-gains, you should tweak the use of indexes and SIFTindexes on SQL
(Index-Properties MaintainSQLIndex,MaintainSIFTIndex,SQLIndex).
With these you can gain a lot of performance because a lot of SIFT-levels are not used and a lot of indexes are never used in SQL.

If you have modified objects, then you are really going to have to do a full upgrade if you want ot move tothe SP Code set.

This means merging objects, converting data, and testing.

There is no upgrade tools made for this - so I guess I have to make the modifications on new tables in SP2 and then read a backup to the new sp2 database.

Thanks everybody for your replies!!