Navision 4.0 SP1 e-mail integration

Hi, If I click the e-mail icon from any contact card in a standard Cronus company I get the following error when moving to page 2 of the create mail interaction wizard : “Your mail client returned the following error. 2690 : An error has occured while setting the UnRead value…” I’m working stand alone (according to some old 370 docs I have this should work) : - Navision 40 SP1 - General CRM (Outlook) settins ok (no issues here) - Created a database login SUPER with role SUPER and no password - Created a salesperson SUPER with Outlook integration settings (no issues here) - Outlook 2003 SP2 If I put a mail in the queue folder of Outlook, the ‘whatchdog’ does eat it, and it enters Navision as an interaction log entry. But when I try to send mail … I get an error as mentioned above. Any ideas ? Bye, Gunther

What mail accounts are you using with Outlook ? I have been reading something regarding third-party products

Just to keep you informed : it is a known bug in the olhandler.dll. If you ask MBS nicely you’ll get the updated dll, which will be shipped officially in SP2.