Navision 4.0 process takes much longer than 2.6

Hello. We upgraded a client from 2.6 Navision Payroll to 4.0. They are complaining that processing time is taking a lot longer in 4.0 and that the system will freeze for up to 15 seconds when they try and certain routines such as printing a batch of checks. The server specs are - VMWare Server, Dual 2.8 GHz, and 3GB RAM. Does anyone have any ideas of what would be causing the slow down or possible solutions to the problem. Also, they are not on remote connections.


You can’t run an ERP system on a Virtual Server.

Well that depends!! Normally I would say no, but if you have your database on a real harddrive then you should be pretty safe if you use the native database. But Yes I would not recommend this solution in general.

I would rather like to know more about that 2.6 installation, SQL Server or Native database? And did something else change while you upgraded? If you use SQL Server did you truncate your log files, re-build indexes etc.?

Hello and thanks for looking at this one so quickly. The only other difference that I can think of is that they also upgraded from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. We did truncate the log files and rebuild the indexes.


Then I think we have the key here. In general you might have seen that Microsoft say that SQL 2005 is 30-40% faster than SQL 2000. Well that has also been my experience. But if you are running it on the same server, then you should take a look at the minimum requirements for the two version.

Whereas SQL 2000 only had a minumum requirement about 64 MB RAM, then the new version has a minimum requirement on 512 MB RAM! So unless Microsoft suddenly have changed their way of calculating this, then you should boost up the RAM on you server if you want the same performance. At least in my not very SQL Server technical eyes. And the same thing goes in regards to the processor: 166-megahertz (MHz) in version 2000 and 600-megahertz (MHz) Pentium III in version 2005.

You can see the requirments for SQL 2000 here: - and the requirements for SQL 2005 here:

PS: You can also read in this document that Microsoft fully support virtual servers in version SQL Server 2005.

Hard disk’s performance in virtual machine isn’t great. SQL uses a lot of I/O to store data (data files, log files). If payroll from Navision 4.0 has more tables with transactional data, it will slower.

Avoid using SQL in virtual machines, only for development.