Navision 4.0 MRP MPS Order Multiple

Dear We are facing a very strange problem while running MRP/MPS. Actually we required that MRP should generate the requirement based on Order Multiple & safety stock quantity but when we insert the location in sales order in which the FG Item is linked then it will not consider the Order Multiple of it’s BOM Item ,It’s work fine when we remove the Location code from sales Order. we try to find out the problem but stuck in code unit 99000854 Inventory Profile Offsetting . Its working fine in 3.7 Version. Please help us out.Is there any hotfix for this Thanks Ashish

Hi Are you using SKU’s? If not is you Components at Location setting blank in the Manufacturing setup? If it is populate it and re-run it let me know if it changes anything.

Thanks steven for your reply we are not using SKU & I have also checked that the field Component at Location in Manufacturing setup is blank. Do we have to make Location Mandatory True. Please guide me the proper setup Thanks Ashish

Hi I would not leave the components at location blank as when you do not use sku’s this is seen as the primary planning location, which can affect your replenishment suggestions. I would also always set location mandatory to be true, because you get into nightmares when you do not. However this will not affect the replenishment suggestions.