Navision 4.0 Install Error

Installed Navision 4.0 (logged in as a domain admin). Connected to one of our test SQL databases. Logged in as regular user and tried to connect to same SQL database and get the following error: “The operating system cannot gain access to the file c:\program files\microsoft business solutions-navision\client\enu\fin.smt. Please check that the file type and attributes are correct.” Has anyone run into this problem?

Navision is trying to compile the SMT file from the STX. This error is pretty common, and could be froma number of reasons. Step one, go to the Navision Executables folder, and find finsql.exe and drag it onto the desktop as a short cut, then run from the shortcut and see if that works.

We are currently running the exe as a short cut on the desktop and still get this error.

And you have admin rights? and ther eis no security on the folder or drive where Navision is installed. Next thing to try is see if there is a FIN.SMT file in the Navision directory, if so delete it. If not, find one from another computer (identical version) and copy it across, and make sure it is not write protected.

The user needs modify permission in the folder where the smt-file is

Yes Lars that was y first guess, but he is logged in as administrator with full access.

The regular user account has full control rights to the entire MBS-Navision directory and cannot get past this error message. When I add the user to the Local Admin group then it can log into Navision with no problem.