Navision 4.0 / Instable Client

Hello, we implemented Navision 4.0 in our live system. At the moment we’ve got the problem that the Client is very instable. The client crashes with the message that fin.exe caused an error and the question if the user would like to send a error-report to microsoft. Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem? Where could I find the error-report? Where is it saved? Has anyone same experiences?? Thanks for your help! Chris

Hi Chris-Acon, Are there specific circumstances under which your Navision client crashes, or it always does so regardless of what action the user is doing [?]

In the error dialog you get, there is a link explaining what the report contains. In the second dialog there is some header information about the error - one of the parameters should be an offset value. What is that value for your crash and have you sent more than one error report having the same value?

@zachavas No, there aren’t any specific circumstances under which the client crashes. I’m not able to reproduce the crash after restarting the client. @robertc Okay, I advised the users to inform me when a client crashed, so I could investigate the error-report. I guess, that it has something to do with the compnoteshtml.dll, but I’m not really sure… I would be glad to discuss additional ways or ideas…

Hi, We had a similar problem. Proved to be caused when closing a filtered form whilst the Navigation Pane was hidden (Alt-F1). MBS have an update that fixed this, build 19914 Regards

@mgwa Okay, I tried it out and I regard the same behaviour like you. I ordered the update from our nsc. I hope this will solve our problems. Thanks a lot ! !