Navision 4.0 crashing

I have just installed Navision 4.0 (GB Version) on a brand new machine (running XP SP2) and the application is frequently crashing whilst performing basic functions in the Cronus database using the demo license (i.e. looking at help, running the customer card). Is this a stable version? or are there service packs that I need to install? I have attached, below, the technical report which is created when the system crashes. I have tried loading the software on a different machine, running Win2000, and am getting similar errors. Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Information file prepared 22/04/05 15:51 UTC Error Class=Exception Program=Navision ( Operating System=Windows XP (5.1.2600) Total Physical memory=503MB Used Virtual Memory=133MB System Locale=1033 User Locale=2057 Global Language=2057 Code Pages=ANSI 1252 OEM 437 Server Connected=No Database Open=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Databases\database.fdb Windows Authentication=No Commit Cache=Yes Database Cache(KB)=8000 Client/Server Version No=0 --------------------------------------------------------------------

Quick – click on the Search button – see it up there near the top? – then enter ‘v4.0 service pack’ (words from your question above) – I bet you’ll get a much faster answer than waiting around for us to do it for you… (Sorry, did I say that out loud… what I meant to say was): Take a look here, this may help:,service,pack

Thanks. I’ve since discovered what was causing the application to crash frequently. The zup file was not being created, even though the client folder was not read-only, no idea why. When I added the id=… parameter to the Navision shortcut, ensuring the zup file is created in a different folder, all the problems went away.