Navision 4.0 - Business Notification Server

Hi all, I am new to this forum :slight_smile: i have a question regarding sending emails via Business Notification Server , at the moment i have installed it no problem and its connecting to a SQL server again no problem , but at the moment when i make changes within Navision 4.0 the BNS does not seem to send any emails regarding the changes i have made , at work we are using Exchange server and i am using my workplace SMTP account so it should be work, are there any settings i need to change?? regards, William

Hi William, sorry i’ve not tried this with business notification server but… Check in your outlook Outbox, and maybe the emails are there waiting to be sent. Sorry but I am only guessing here, but maybe it will help.

Hi William We experienced similar issues with a BN implementation. After checking the setup and making sure that the event was correct and that all the required coding were entered into the various objects we approached Microsoft. They provided the following advice for trouble shooting BN (this did solve our problem; the account that the BN services used were incorrect): - use an account that belongs to the Active Directory directory services for where the server will run under - make sure the built-in Guest account is disabled - you have the granules for Business Notification (7010) and Business Notification Worksheet (7011) (usually they are not visible) - the specific Application Server that Business Notification Server uses, check the folder in your BN Server installation and make sure you have your license file where the NAS files are. Remember, there is a specific NAS in the BN Server folders (rename it to Cronus.flf if you see NAS BN errors in Event Viewer) - always use your servername (resolvable name - avoid localhost and IP addresses), check the Registry file and make sure the servername is correct there as well - The two services “NS$BusinesNotification Instance” and “Notification Service Deployment Manager” are related, these two upon start create the two records in Property Store table (if it’s empty) - check two KB articles here: You can debug your messages by following the path of the messages: In the SQL Server BN database, MessageStore table → TransmissionLog table grabbed by the service NS$BusinessNotificationInstance In Computer Management, Websites, DefaultWebsite BusinessNotificationMessageBus (Message Transport) BusinessNotificationSubscribe (Subscription List Website) BusinessNotificationDeploymentServer (Rules in SQL Server) Check the folder …\Local Settings\Application Data\IsolatedStorage…\ Schema Workflow You send a report from Navision. The messages are written in a folder on the client machine. The folder is your Isolated Storage, usually “Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\IsolatedStorage” + some auto generated strange folders. The messages are picked up and sent to the BusinessNotificationsMessageBus web service. The web service places them in the messageStore table. The NS$BusinessNotificationInstance picks up the message from the messageStore table. It then places the message in the transmissionLog table and sends out mails. Each mail is placed in the Business Notification Log in the Event Log. So you can effectively trace the message from step to step by turning of the webservice and the NS$ service. When you have verified your messages is in the IsolatedStorage, you turn on the web service. Then you verify that the messages are in the messageStore table. Then turn on the NS$ service, verify that the messages are picked up and placed in the transmissionLog. Last you can see sent messages in the Log. Hope this helps. One more remark, the BN manual is well worth the money we spend on it and was a tremendous help in setting up non-standard events. Regards Marius