Navision 3.70

Hi Forum, would version 3.70 running native work on a server which has SQL 2008 R2 installed on it. Also, would Navision 3.70 run on a laptop which has Windows 7 installed on it. Thanks.

Version 3.70 is not supported in either of those siutation. You would need to at least do a techincal upgrade of the NAV client version.

NAV4.0SP3 from 25143 build and above versions are compatible with Windows 7

Thank you but the problem the customer has there is he is not with any partner so I dont think he can get his licence upgraded to run version 5. Unless you can tell me how he can get his licence upgraded to run version 5 without being with a partner. The Customer in question is a friend of mine and I warned him that if he is not with a partner he may NOT be able to get his licence upgraded which would prevent him from having a new server to run it on.

Hi Paul,

If your customer never had a maintenance subscription, then he will not be able to upgrade. But customers start by having a subscription at least the first year. So he might be able to upgrade to Navision 4.0 SP3. Otherwise then there is no other way to get an upgraded version than renewing the subscription, or buying a new license (which sometimes is cheaper!).

With regards to SQL Server 2008 R2, then as said above, it’s not supported with neither Navision 3.70 or 4.00.

Hi Erik, thanks for the update. The client used to have support from a reseller but left them about 2 years ago and has not been with one since as far as I know. I will let him know the bad news at the weekend. Paul

They don’t need to be actively doing business with a partner to have a “Partner of Record” with Microsoft. It’s that “Partner of Record” that matters. Which is likely the last partner they did business with.

Hi, I have never heard of that before, could you elaborate please. Thanks Paul

The only partner that can make changes to a client’s NAV license is the “Partner of Record”. (I may not have the right term here) Initially this is the partner that sold the NAV license, and remains such unless a the client executes a “change of partner” with Microsoft. There’s no requirement that the client be continulaly active with a partner. If they’ve been inactive, they can simply re-engage with that partner. Or if they wish to work with a new partner, that new partner can assist tjhem in executing a “change of partner”.

Technically he can get a new server but he can’t run it on the newest server software.