Navision 3.70 & XP SP2

Having just installed XP SP2, I’ve lost the ability to use navision based url links such as: navision://client/run?servername=… I get 2 errors: access denied & then IE cannot open the helper application, the protocol specified in this address is not valid. The link works on pre SP2 clients. Does anyone have any idea which “security” feature I need to change?

Hi, Please look at the following topic: Regards Meint

Glad to see you’re still using Navision!

found this: The problem can be solved by changing the value of a registry key on the client computer. Find the key: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\navision\shell\open\command] Remove the double backslash so that there is only single backslash in the path to finhlink.exe I hope this solves your problem Best regards Jens Christian Schrøder [MSFT] It works. Thanks to Jens!