Navision 3.70 With 5.1 Executables

Hi Forum, I have been asked if running Nav 3.70 with 5.1 Executables would be supported by Microsoft. Does anyone out there in the nav community know the answer to this. Thanks Paul

Unfortunately the answer is NO. There was a relevant discussion in the community few months before.

Thank you for answering this. Paul

Actually sort of a mute point since Microsoft does not support version 3.70 regardless of which NAV client it is using.

That is very true, thank you. My client wants to up grade to 2009 SP1 but not until early next year but in the meantime they want to upgrade to SQL 2008 R2 so the question about 3.70 with 5.1 executables was raised.

It’s correct that it’s not supported. But NAV 3.70 is no longer supported either, so I actually think that they will be better of doing a executable upgrade only.

I do know of many clients who are doing this anyway (infact upgrading to NAV 2009 Classic executables), primary due to the better performance on SQL Server and the support of Web Services.

There are a few issues in doing it (example in connection with the user of RecordRef and FieldRef), but if you are going to test the application from end to end, then you should be fine.