navision 3.70 slave.exe 50% cpu

Hi, we have navision on a windows 2003 server with a cluster (hsg 80 fibre channel) running. Navision own database - 16 fdb Files on 16 disks. Navision 3.70 own database 96GB -75% full. 1GB Navision Cache. Our Problem: today suddenly our User could only slowly work because one of our 17 slave.exe processes (seen in task manager) where holding more than 50 % cpu. And it gave this cpu not more free. When I stopped the navision service on the server. It needed 10 minutes und could not finish it. In the services was seen - it will be stopped. In the taskmanager I looked at my slave.exe processes after I have finished the navision service. There the cpu of my server was always at 60 or more percent cpu. I saw how every slave.exe process (was 1 GB) released the memory. Then the next slave.exe made the same. This needed about 2 hours. Then the navision service was stopped. Who knows the reason for that? Thanks for ideas!

We experienced exactly the same problem. We are testing now the SERVER service with the samaller cache (700000kB). No SLAVE.EXE processes are shown in Task Manager and the service is shutting down immediatelly. Since two days…

I recommande to not use more than 800MB cache… there were some problems with bigger cache in history… may be 4.00 will have better server… but it is only info based on old experiences… :slight_smile: