Navision 3.70 Receipts & Payments

Hi Friends,

I am preparing Receipts & Payment report for a client pls advice me

How to bring the description in the Reciepts & Payment if the client wants to make Double line entry in Gen Journal

without using Balancing Account

Pls advice me the table to use



I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking, but you don’t have to use a balancing account in the general journal.

You could create two lines like this:

Type Account Type Account No. Amount

Invoice Customer AAA $50

Payment Customer AAA -$50

Hit F11

you can can also type the description here - so it would be simple to make the description the same.

Be aware that both the payment and invoice will remain open until you apply one to the other.

Can you tell witch Receipts & Payment report are you using?

We r doing a seperate report for receipts & payments. As they r using multiple lines for posting in journal lines, how it is possible to bring a receipts & payments report.Pls advice in this case.


When do you say “separate report for receipts & payments” it’s a custom one? If is a custom report it’s difficult to help you help you.