Navision 3.70 Permissions not transferring

I am moving the Navision 3.70 database from an old Dell Windows 2000 server to a New Intel Windows 2003 server. I am able to connect to the new database (after a crash course on configuring Navision) but am having trouble with the user pemissions when accessing the company. I can sucessfully connect to the company but when I click on anything, I get a permissions error and to contact the system administrator.

In the \Database Server folder there is a file called fin.flf. This file contains the license information. I also have several .flf files and also a fin.emt, fin.ext, fin.smt, and fin.stx in the \Database Server folder on the server.

I can’t quite figure out why the permissions didn’t come over when I copied the files. How do I verify or recopy the permissions for the company from one server to another? What is the name and location of the license file(s) I need to transfer from one server to the other?