Navision 3.70 - database parameters!


I have the following problem:

I have navision 3.70 with its own database running on a windows 2003 server. The path where the database of navision was f:/a/f.fdb. I stopped the service and deleted the *.fdb file in windows explorer.

Then I wanted to start the navision 3.70 service an wanted to make three fdb files f:/db/d1.fdb, f:/db/d2.fdb …

My problem:
the navision service lets himself not start because the service runs with the old database path f:/a/f.fdb I also tried to uninstall that service and install it with an other name - same problem. What I write not the database parameter the service starts with the same database path as before f:/a/f.fdb.

Could I say Navision Service to start with no databse parameter?

server installasservice,servername=xxxx,database=f:/a/f.fdb,nettype=tcp…

Thanks for ideas!

Hi, start a client on the server and make your three fdb files. then you can install/start the service with the new fdb files. br Josef Metz

I usually create a CMD-file and place it in the SERVER-application-directory. The command-file contains code like this: server.exe database=\Domain1\MBS\DataBase\DataBase_1.Fdb+\Domain1\MBS\DataBase\DataBase_2.Fdb,NETTYPE=TCP,SESSIONS=60,SERVERNAME=MBSSERVER,installasservice Using this method makes it very easy to change parameters on a Navision-server running as service.