Navision 3.70, Citrix and Timezones

We are in the midst of upgrading to 3.70 but during our tests we have run in a problem. MS have so far failed to help us (I think (hope) they are still working on the case). And we need help ASAP. The problem is that the client is hanging at startup showing the “splash” screen. Our installation is: Server: Windows 2000 Server (SP4) Citrix: Metaframe XP SP3 Navision Client: Installed with installation script supplied by Microsoft/Navision (re: Service Request DK-260-920-JE6V) Navisino Shortcut: “M:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client\finsql.exe” temppath=z:\tmp370,ID=z:\370W1, nettype=tcp, servername=GNNAVI,database=SALES_TRAINING z: is the users network drive Working Directory same path as finsql. We have tried redirecting temppath and ID to a local drive on the server - still hangs. The client hangs even when launching the finsql.exe file without parameters. The problem seems related to the timezone, if all users logging in is from the same time zone the system will not hang, but as soon as an user from another timezone logs in the client hangs. As far as what we can see then it’s the CHM (help) file that causes it. One possible solution is to install an instance of Navision 3.70 for each timezone logging in, but this would still cause problems as some of the users travels, and changes timezones many times, and this would also mean multiple installations on each server (The client is currently using 5 citrix servers) with much maintaince and administration. Actually we found out that we had to install it for each Windows Time Zone, so even though i.e. Copenhagen and Stockholm are on GMT+1, then we are in two different Windows Time Zones and thus we have to make a new client for this. So we would please like to get some advice/help on how to make this work correctly. PS: The setup works fine in our current 3.10 setup.

I’ve always had a lot of problems with Time Zones on Citrix, and have simply just defaulted each client to the same time zone as the server. Not a good solution, but when we were having problems with our system before Navision was implemented, that solved it. Also, can you isolate it to a specific time zone(s), or is any time zone? Have you checked on the Citrix specific forums to see what they may know?

Hi Erik, Did you ever find a solution? I have this happening on client machines - the terminal server machine seemed to resolve itself but not the clients. Cheers, Django

Yes. The solution was solved with Navision 3.70.a - actually I think they fixed it with hotfix 12 or 14!

Thanks Erik, Once I searched for Time Zone on the forums I found the solution to delete the fin.hmt file which worked for the client. Thanks for the update on the permanent fix. Cheers, Django

You’re welcome…