Navision 3.7 Security question

We have implemented security changes weeks ago to remove SUPER permissions from multiple users. Today one of those users is unable to run the Fixed Asset report due to the error “You do not have permission to run the ‘Design, Form, Basic’ System.”

Anyone know which role is associated with this?


A little investigation revealed that the user is trying to access the object designer. Which role(s) are required for this?

You have removed SUPER permissions.

Why do you wnat to give sme of them back to users when this will compromise your securit changes?

Look at the Roles and their Permissions and assign the appropriate Roles for users - therea re many Roles covering access and control.

I have to agree with Jonathan on this. Basically giving access tot he Object designer is somethign that is only for SUPER users, or at least trusted users. You need to train this user to run the report form a menu, and not directly from the object designer.

You guys are both right Jonathon & David. I was unsure of whether or not SUPER was required to access the Object Designer. Although the user in question is trusted, they should not be SUPER.

In Roles you can define design permissions on users (Report, Forms, etc). Look at System Object. You have “Design, Table, Basic”, “Design, Table, Advanced”, etc.
I never assigned them to end users, since all cases that I know users with developing permissions are SUPER. But you could try.

Thanks all, I’m going to avoid assigning those permissions then. I’ll recommend that the user use one of the reports within the system. If the available reports do not provide the needed data, is there a way to create a custom report?

What I meant ws to fidn the report they are runnig from designer, and add that to one of the report menues.

Okay. I’ve found the report in the designer, but I am unsure of the steps to add it to the report menu. The particular report is FA Depreciation Book ID 5612.

In Navision 3.70 when you see a report list you should have a button called modify. You click on it. You will have the option to add a report to list.

Yes, I clicked on the Modify button and attempted to add the report, but it was not found and therefore not added.

Click on the MOdify button.

A list of existing reports is shown; format = Caption, Report Number, Report Name.

Use F3 to add a line into the list then enter the Report number. You can add a special caption / Description if required.

Does that work?

Adding a line using F3 proves unsuccessful and right-clicking revealed grayed-out options.