Navision 3.7 Data Integration with Existing System

Hello All,

Can anyone provide some help for Integrating Navision 3.7 Data with External Systems and Technologies through any possible means.


Hi Asim,

First it will be better if you specify what exactly is your targeted external system.

I can think about ODBC for connecting to external system.

If you’re using SQL database, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

Hi Asim,

The short answer is…
Any way you can think of… some safer and more reliable than others…

I mean…
If you have a user print a report from NAV, and then manually enter it into the external system…
That’s also some kind of integration.

So could you please be a bit more specific abt. your goal, as Dhan Raj asked earlier, then i think you would also get a more useful answer.

Hi Dhan Raj,

I want to integrate NAV 3.7 with Existing .Net application.

Can you please provide solution to this.