Navision 3.7 and Microsoft .NET

I have just got around to installing Navision 3.7 (beta 2) on my laptop to have a look at the new version and the setup process displayed a window saying… Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft .NET framework 1.1. I have not seen this during the installation of any previous versions. The Installation & System Management manual on the product CD still seems to describe the 3.6 installation and does not give any clues. Does anybody know what this message means in the context on Navision?

Microsoft .NET framework 1.1.?? I saw this when I was doing my windows update. There is one patch for it. You might need to run unpate under your Windows Explorer…

The .NET framework contains the Common Language Runtime for managed languages, the JIT compiler and all components necessary for running .Net applications on your computer. It is a big install! There are some Commerce Gateway components with 3.70 that needs the .Net Framework, which is why it is distributed on the Navision CD, but the Navision Client does not use it! The installation program for the RTM of Navision 3.70 has been changed slightly from earlier Betas in terms of what is installed by default, what the Minimum installs and what must be selected under a Custom install. I suggest you choose carefully (next time :slight_smile: what you really want to install to avoid stuff you dont need.

  • Commerce Integration – the Commerce Gateway and Commerce Portal components. You must install these components if you want to run either Commerce Gateway or Commerce Portal. If you select this feature, the Microsoft .NET Framework is also installed. The .NET Framework is not removed when you uninstall the Navision client. It is given an entry of its own in the Add or Remove Programs window and you can uninstall it from there. Regards, Bruno