navision 3.60 server cache settings

Hi! I have navision 3.60 server with its database. On that windows 2000 server is a navision attain database service running. My questions: 1. where could I see what I have set for cache, if I use commitcache only in the registry under hkey_local_machine\system\controlset001\services\navi 2. how could I change the settings for cache or disable commitcache what is the problem when i disable commitcache? must I therefore stop the navision service? Thanks

Hi, have you searched this forum? This questions has been asked several times before. [:D] In the Installing-manual you can see how to set the Options for a server. Regards, Frank

  1. You can check those settings from any Navision client connected to this server’s database from menu File->Database->Information 2) All necessary information can be found on the “Installation & System Management: Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision Database Server” PDF-Manual (w1w1ism.pdf) located in the Doc folder of your Product-CD In case someone is wondering, yes, I have saved this answer to a text file so I can just copy and paste it in the forum as the need arises… [:D]