Navision 3.60 Running on a Domain Controller


I’ve got a customer who wishes to upgrade his current 2000 domain to 2003. His server currently running 2003 Standard with SP2, is also running Navision 3.60. He wishes to promote this server to a DC, allowing him to remove the 2000 hardware (really old kit).

Thus, the question I am faced with is whether Navision 3.60 can succesfully run on a Windows 2003 Domain Controller? And will this require a re-installation of Navision, or would it matter whether the current server is promoted to a DC? I have been unable to find any definate answers using my old friend Google…

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Abrie and welcome to forum,

I’m not aware about any reason, why promoting a Win2003 server to PDC should somehow affect Navision - runs it on the same box or another. BTW smaller companies can have only one server, hosting everything - PDC, SQL, Navision… (but it is reasonable for really small companies only with a ~dozen of employees…)

Thank you for the reply.

This certainly answered my question - the company is a medium sized company. As a rule, we tend not to run any additional software on a DC.

Thanks :slight_smile: