Navision 3.60 - cpu?

Hi! Navision 3.60 own database running on windows 2000 server. I search for a tool which shows me how much cpu every navision user takes from the server. thanks for ideas!

Try this:

Navision is a client server program, so users don’t take a share of the cpu. Also since Navision really doesn’t use the CPU on the server, what use would such information be.

David is right, CPU is not so important a consideration when investigating slow responses from a Navision Server. More important considerations are: i) memory (wasn’t there a memory sizing guide once?) ii) disk read/write speed iii) network bandwidth (only important for slow links eg. WANs) before worrying about cpu speed. Of course, if you are running it on a 386 or summat equally feeble, you probably will find it a bit slow! (Also note that NS only ever uses 1 cpu). Regards, Edward. (Posting frivolous comments to obtain that first star)