Navision 3.6 Server error

I cannot seem to get my Navision 3.6 Server MMC snap in to operate properly. I’m running Win2K Small Business Server, installed 3.10 server October 2002, upgraded to 3.6 March 2003. Any ideas? The exact error that I am receiving is … Snap-in failed to initialize. Name: Navision Attain Database Sever Manager CLSID: {blahblahblahblahblah} help?

u r using SQL ? Rgds M. Ramanath

Nope. Using the Native Navision database.

Hi, Can u try this. This may solve your problem. Take a Complete backup of your current database / all companies, through navision backup, Re-install Navision on Server again. Regards M. Ramanath

Thank you. This is my next step.