Navision 3.6 on a 2.6 Database - Restore Backup

Hello, A customer is using Navision since 1992; starting with the Dos Version 3.02. 1997/1998 Windows Version 1.3. 2001 Navision update to 2.60 (client and application) 2003 Client / Server Update to 3.6 (fin.exe still using application 2.6, database ‘converted’. 2004 introducing “Change log” (Objects from 3.6 implemented into 2.6 application without any problems) Daily backup (Navision-client backup). Everything is working well. I created a NEW database using the same 3.6 client (fin.exe on Jan. 17th and restored the backup of the same day (objects and data; full backup). No errors (and, of course, no further testing). However, using this database either with a server or direct with a client, I get the following error if I want to make ANY changes in the data: “Change Log Entry Entry No. ‘0’ already exist.”. As well, I get the error while ‘browsing’ through the Navision code ( a Report) once in a while (?!). Anybody any idea? Once again, the technical ‘updates’ are still using a database created with 2.6. And in the live system everything is working smooth. Kind regards Walter

The “Entry No.” field on the change log entry table has the AutoIncrement property set to Yes. An early version of the 3.60 executables had a problem with the AutoIncrement property and restoring backups - the “next value” was not properly set and new entries were being generated with values starting over again. In this case the new entry numbers are not unique and hence the error. This has been fixed in a hotfix (sorry, I don’t know the number).


… This has been fixed in a hotfix (sorry, I don’t know the number).
Originally posted by Jack Reynolds - 2005 Jan 22 : 22:49:16

Thank you, Jack. At least I have a clue now where to look. I will search for the update and will post update/hotfix no. and/or version number of the client.

Using the Navision client version does the trick. Available in Hotfix 17 for Navision Attain 3.6 ( HQ-107-485-D9FK Subject: Field with the Autoincrement Property Set to Yes does not Continue Data with the Maximum Value after a Restore Desription: Error If a backup is made of a table that contains a field with data and where the AutoIncrement property for the field is set to Yes, then the seed for the autoincrement value should be the maximum value for that field when the table is restored. Instead, the seed is reset to 0, which gives 1 as the next value to be used. This error applies only to Navision Database Server. An example of this error in the base application is the Change Log functionality, which would fail after performing a restore of change log entries and an attempt to add further entries to the change log. This has been corrected. Thanks again, Jack.