Navision 3.56A in full screen on WinXP

I just helped a customer running Navision 3.56A change from running Navi.exe and NETB to running Navin.exe and TCP on their installation. They were beginning to get tired of having 2 PC’s on some desks because they could not get Navi to run on XP… The operation was an initial success and everybody was happy - until some users saw Navision in full-screen on their XP-machines. Some of them plainly refused to work with it unless it looked excactly as it did on their old Win95 and 98 machines. I have not so far been able to do so - does anyone know if it is at all possible to get 3.56 to look excactly as it did in the good old days on an XP machine? And no - upgrading is not an option - they will be switching to a different product sometime in the future.

Hi Tommy, can you give me a descrption of the differences. Perhaps i can help you. br Josef Metz

Hi Josef The biggest problem is that for instance when you open a Sales Order it opens as a half-height window at the top of the screen, and if you further opens the Sales Lines they are shown as half that window again. There are several other windows which opens that way. The main window opens correctly, allthough the characters looks less smooth than the users are used to. I tried attaching a screen dump but for some reason that could not be done - but I will be quite happy to email it to you. Regards

Hi Tommy, you have to change the properties of your Navision window. the number of lines must be restricted to 25. to change the properties do a right-click on the upper left corner of the Navision window. open the layout register and change two times the height to 25. i will send you some hardcopies via email. br Josef Metz

Hi Josef You are a hero! Thank you very much. I had been playing around with those properties but obviously I had not hit the right combination. Regards Tommy