Navision 3.56a backup problem

NOTE All error messages are translated from Swedish to English by me. Hi, we’re currently running Navision Attain 3.10a, however we’ve kept our old Navision 3.56a running as a reference since not all info was transferred when we upgraded (don’t ask me why, this was before my time). The machine (a NT 3.51 box, hah!) running 3.56a had a massive disk-failure, thus forcing us to read back from a backup. Navision is now installed on Windows 2003 SBS. The problem(s) Writing the backup to a new database works ok, but during the “Sorting register” procedure it fails before it’s done, with a error code of “There is not enough free space in the database to perform the operation”. When I then try to access the companies in the database I get an error code as follows: “Function 1 does no exist. The Database does not contain any program objects”. As to the first problem, that’s obvious enough I think, I need a larger database to sort the keys and registers, or I need to delete information from the database. How do I achieve this though, Microsoft does not sell upgrades to 3.56a anymore, and since I can’t enter the companies due to error no2 I can’t delete info in them. dbtest=min and dbtest=max checks out ok with no errors reported. I can browse the contents of the companies via misc → datasize but not delete anything via F4. I deleted all companies except one (this was still possible after the backup was written to a new database), made a new backup much smaller than the original, read into a new database which was able to sort the register with no problems, still got the “Function 1” error code. Any ideas?

Is there NO objects at all in you database (besides the tables of course) ?

EDIT I’m not certain what you mean by objects, in the database there are; Using misc → data size Per company there’s the groups like sales, purchase, general ledger, etc, and listed for each group is items per group, the size, size per item. I can also check “keys” per group, to see the underlying info, thus the general ledger have account no., verification no. etc as subgroups. Item numbers are in the thousands and size is megabytes for some groups.

Hi Daniel, It seams that your backup only includes Comapnies ! If this is the case, the only objects that the restore will create, are the tables with data. You must then IMPORT the missing objects (e.g. Function 1) after restoring.

Ah, thank you Claus, I found an exported .obj file, after an import we got access to the companies with all info intact! Now I’ll see if I can fix the problems with the database being too small. I have a few ideas. Will let you know how it works out. Thanks again! EDIT I read the full backup and imported the .obj - and as far as we can determine everything is at full functionality, even though “Sorting Register” failed again due to lack of database space. Ah, well, I’ll leave it running as it is.