Navision 3.56 ODBC, toolkit

Hi to everyone, [I mistakenly posted this message in the ‘End User questions’ instead of here, sorry] I’m a developer and have been assigned the task of exporting all data in a Navision 3.56 database to an MS SQLserver 7.0 based system. I understand this could be done if I had the required ODBC driver for Navision, but the problem is my client seems to not have been provided with it. He has just the database itself (1.5 Gb), and the Navision 3.56 client software to access it, which consists in a custom application developed for him. I see no traces of source code or developing tools, and of course no Toolkit or ODBC driver. So my question is: can the 1.5 Gb Navision 3.56 database be accessed any other way ? If not, where can I get the required ODBC driver ? I’ve searched the Web for some Navision download site, to get the driver and/or toolkit, but couldn’t find any. If there’s no way to get that driver or utilities, could you please suggest any viable way of proceeding with that data extraction ? Any and all help would be much appreciated. Best regards.

Hello Plopez I normaly use a Report to make a *.asc fil including all fields. I got this pease af code i normaly use to place fields with, the only catch is, that it requires a text field, here you can use FORMAT(FIELD). DanLinie(Felt: Tekst(120)) IF STRLEN(Linie[LinieTæller]) + STRLEN(Felt) + 3 > MAXSTRLEN(Linie[LinieTæller]) THEN LinieTæller := LinieTæller + 1; IF (Linie[LinieTæller] <> ‘’) OR (LinieTæller > 1) THEN Linie[LinieTæller] := Linie[LinieTæller] + ‘,’; Linie[LinieTæller] := Linie[LinieTæller]+’"’+FORMAT(Felt)+’"’; The above code i designe as a “local function”, and must be called with each field pr record. I place 5 lines on report layout withc i named as follows FieldName,FieldName,FieldName… Linie[1] Linie[2] Linie[3] “empty element” The empty element must have a printer code that says CR+LF Chose a priter called FIL Chose a file name and start. Hope this helps, any quistion just ask. :slight_smile: Jan