navision 3.56 Dos version

We are running Navision dos based 3.56 in a small company. It has been run there for 15 years and has been heavily modified. Can any one tell me whether this version can be run remotely using citrix? And if so are there any known problems. We are going to upgrade finally to latest Dynamics, but not before we outsource and host our applications.


the latest version NAV3.56A is running on is windows 2000 Server / XP. If you can set up a citrix or terminal server on this OS, then it should work. I use RDP for remote maintenance of such an application - works fine. I think it’s worth a try. As for upgrading to latest dynamics: That’s quite a change for DOS based users. If it’s heavily customized it is a challenging migration project… but hey, why not :slight_smile:

with best regards