Navision 3.10 manual EUR conversion help

Hello everyone,

Really need Your help and advice! I support one little little company with oldie Nav 3.10. They have very few entries and only option to convert to EUR i see is manual remains move. But i have some questions because i am not strong in accounting. Could You please help me with several questions:

Could You please tell me where in G/L do i need to put remains from NavOld? As i understand i need to put all remains from Cust, Vendor, Bank Acc through purchases/sales/journals to some REMAINS G/L account? How it will balance in future?

How to act with Items? Simple positive adj. balanced with some REMAINS G/L account? Again how it will balance.

Same question with F/A.

Well i understand i do ask for a manual what to do, but some general ideas would be enough, i will try to catch point.

BR and Thanks in advance!

Anyone? :frowning:

Welcome to forum!

I would suggest creating a new company (DB), where final balances as of 31/12/2014 in LTL, converted to EUR, are entered for GL, CL, VL and FL as opening balances, along with their small --as you said-- Inventory. This will take MUCH less effort and will by no means be more accurate.

If they are still on 3.10, that means even a small company has accumulated rather meaningful amount of data over these years. Converting manually does NOT mean simply multiplying by FOREX rate all & every Amt in database, you will run out of balance in seconds in all the main Ledgers (plus at every Customer and Vendor level, too), as all roundings accumulate and are NOT posted to special GL accounts as ECT does.

Even ECT creates a heap of mess, believe me, I went thru EUR conversion a year earlier in Latvia, 10 months have passed, but now and then unbalance buy 1-2 cents STILL pops up in most unexpected places. I’m afraid even to think about what will be the result if you intend to do the conversation of entire DB manually

PS I’m Latvian, as you may guess from my name, never mind profile says Norge [;)]

Hey, thanks for response! Yes i totally agree with You and i didn’t intended to make “manual conversion” as You suggest i just want to migrate them to new created company “Company EUR” :slight_smile:

I just had some doubts about how that balance opening entries should be managed, but with help of colleague i figured it is rather simple. I just post all C,V,G/L, Item operations through journals balancing with some “GL REMAINS” and then this G/L REMAINS should close and be 0 if everything is fine. All other operations goes like with LTL without currency code and all sums in EUR.