Navision 3.01 database size > 131GB

Our Navision 3.01 database size has reached 131GB which was the limit of old licenses. now the license have the limit to 260GB. but for version 3.7. I need to know if sombody working in version3.01 and has exceeded the 131GB in size. do anybody using 3.01 and have used the license of 260 GB using a datbase greater than 131GB???

Sorry, I do not have the answer for your query but more questions, with such large size 1. how much time does it take to take a backup and restore? 2. do you face any performance issues? 3. lastly what contributed to this much of growth? we have a customer who processes on an average 1200 orders per day and in 6 months their database has grown to 7 Gb. So they still have room to grow, but I need to be aware of the pains.

Another question. Is this the native Navision Database (or SQL)?