Navision 3.00 : automated statement emailing

Hi there, We are currently running Navision 3.00 and will only upgrade to Attain 3.70 by early next year. I have taksed with developing a solution that processes statements of account for all customers that have their email addresses recorded in the daatabase, formats the statements to PDF files and sends each file as an attachment to the right customer. I am sure that this kind of functionality is available in the more recent versions of Navision. I am new to Navision and no one here seems to really have an idea as to how this is meant to be accomplished. My initial idea was to recreate the statement generation function from outside Navision and then use XSL-FO to generate the PDF’s. I would appreciate any help from someone who can show me how to do this from within Navision using the built-in statement generation instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Thanks is advance…

I know of an add-on that supplies you with that capability. Contact Lanham and Associates in Atlanta, GA. They have an add-on that handles automatic emails along with a lot of other neat features such as EDI and interface to UPS.

Thanks a,lot Jennifer. I’ll look them and hopefully the add-on you mentioned can solve our issue here. Thanks again