Navision 2018 Report layout

Hi All,

I am facing printout issue in NAV 2018 reports.

Report requirement is

  1. footer with phone no, page no and other details should come on every page.

  2. Bank, total details should come only once on last page and that is also attaching to Footer. Bank and Amount details should start from same line.

Now i tried it by 2, 3 ways but my purpose is not solved.

  1. If i take bank and amount details on footer then ‘LAST(Sum…)’ not works as I m saving total in variable. Also bank and total details coming on every page(which i dont want)

  2. If i take bank, amount details in Body section then it is printing randomly any where table line finished. Like shown in picture if one line is there then it keeping shown space in between footer and amount details.

  3. Some how i managed my requirement by increasing/decreasing the shown length in layout. but it works for limited no. of lies if line are more and going to next page again it print up.

  1. Added fixed no. of lines in layout, still same issue.

How can I solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.


Even after 10 years with RDLC developer, it’s still not something I enjoy, even if I by now feel quite confident with it. So all I can say is: Good luck with that design! It’s not going to be easy.

I’m not saying that it cannot be done, but I would reject that exact design and suggest something that would require so much less “hard coding”.

Look at the standard invoice report 206. In you case pageno./fax/email etc. should go to a page-footer. It’s not displayed in the standard report, so you may need to enable it.

The footer is then printed on all pages, just as the page-header. And to get data into the page-footer you need to apply the same “tricks” as to get data into the page-header.

If you need information printed as a transport-footers, then that’s not very easy in RDLC. It can partly be done:

Thanks Erik.